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This IDE was created to have a fast and stable PHP IDE that had all the features I needed.

It is programmed in C++ using Qt/KDE technology, so it runs on Linux and BSD based systems. In the future Windows and Mac based systems will also be supported.

Its current main features are:

  1. Code-completion (with code templates)
  2. Script browser which lets you inspect PHP files and classes
  3. Project browser which lets you browse the files in your currently opened project.

The current release is Beta 2 and is pretty stable. Code-completion has a few issues here and there (like occasionally refusing to show up), but is usable. I'll fix these issues in the next Beta release and in the process I'll add the native PHP functions to the code-completion.

For now: Enjoy! I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Zend Certified Engineer since 17-11-2009