SDX::Formats::XmlStreamWriter Class Reference

Class that writes a document in XML to a stream. More...

#include <SDXXMLStreamWriter.h>

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SDX::Helpers::StreamWriter SDX::ContentHandler

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struct  NodeInfo

Public Member Functions

 XmlStreamWriter ()
void setDocumentName (std::string name)
 Set the name of the root node of the document.
void startDocument ()
 Start document.
void startNode (std::string nodeName)
 Start node with name nodeName.
void writeAttribute (std::string name, std::string value)
 Write an attribute with the given name and value.
void endNode ()
 End node started with startNode call.
void endDocument ()
 End document.

Detailed Description

Class that writes a document in XML to a stream.

Definition at line 17 of file SDXXMLStreamWriter.h.

Member Function Documentation

void XmlStreamWriter::endNode (  )  [virtual]

End node started with startNode call.

Calling this method with insufficient calls to startNode will result in undefined behaviour.

Reimplemented from SDX::ContentHandler.

Definition at line 56 of file SDXXMLStreamWriter.cpp.

void SDX::Formats::XmlStreamWriter::startNode ( std::string  nodeName  )  [virtual]

Start node with name nodeName.

A corresponding endNode call should be made later on to end this node.

Reimplemented from SDX::ContentHandler.

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