Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SDX::AttributeAn attribute which holds a value and can have a name
SDX::ContentHandlerInterface based on the SAX model
SDX::Helpers::ContentPrinterThis class prints out everything it's sent and passes it through to the set ContentHandler
SDX::Formats::CsvStreamReaderClass that reads CSV from a stream
SDX::Formats::CsvStreamWriterClass that writes a document in CSV to a stream
SDX::DocumentA document that contains child nodes
SDX::Helpers::DocumentBuilderClass that helps you to easily build documents using the ContentHandler interface
SDX::ExceptionAn exception with a code and description
SDX::Helpers::FileReader< T >A class that inherits from StreamReader subclass T and feeds it data from a file
SDX::Helpers::FileWriter< T >A class that inherits from StreamWriter subclass T and writes data fed to it to a file
SDX::NodeA document node can have attributes and child nodes
SDX::NodeContainerAnything that can contain nodes, for example a Document or a Node
SDX::ResourceReaderSomething that can read a resource and send it to a contentHandler, for example a FileReader
SDX::Helpers::StreamReaderAnything that can read from a stream, for example XmlStreamReader or TabBasedStreamReader
SDX::Helpers::StreamWriterAnything that can write to a stream using the ContentHandler interface, for example XmlStreamWriter
SDX::Formats::TabBasedStreamReaderClass that reads tab based content from a stream
SDX::Formats::TabBasedStreamWriterClass that writes a document in tab based format to a stream
SDX::Helpers::ValidatorClass that validates documents with the help of a structure file
SDX::Formats::XmlStreamReaderClass that reads XML from a stream
SDX::Formats::XmlStreamWriterClass that writes a document in XML to a stream

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