I'm a self-taught programmer, web developer and system administrator with knowledge and experience on a broad range of subjects looking for work. Through experimentation, I have developed a creative and independent mentality and don't shy away from learning to work with new technologies and using them to overcome challenges and achieve my goals.

As a programmer I've worked on numerous projects. An example of where I started when I was 16 years old is the C++/Qt4 based PHP IDE found on this website. Since then I've built this ranging from building a system the securely deploying encrypted Python code to a VPS, to the Wrappyr project found on this site aiming to provide tight integration between C/C++ and Python. In the meanwhile, I also became a Zend Certified Engineer when I was 17 years old.

Programming languages I can work with:

Some of the technologies I work with:

For a more complete list, see this page.

As a web developer I work on both front- and backends. I started learning HTML when I was 12 years old and made my first website for a local petting farm that same year. Since then I've learned to work with a number of different technologies including CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. At the age of 15, I programmed the JavaScript front-end to a web-based report designer. For the programming language in the backend, my preference goes out to Python in combination with the Django framework due clean design and the flexibility that comes with it. However, if preferred I can also program in PHP (as stated above).

As a system administrator I've done things ranging from small network setup to setting up an infrastructure for automatic deployment of a Django application divided over multiple servers to the cloud. The operating system I use on both desktop and server machines is Linux (Debian-based by preference) for multiple reasons including security, stability, flexibility and freedom.

Security is very important to me, whether I'm programming, developing websites or setting up servers. I try to keep up with the techniques (known to the public) hackers use to achieve their (most of the time) malicious goals and do whatever I can to guard the things I produce against them.

Just for completeness sake, I should also mention that as a programmer and system administrator, I speak regular expressions fluently.

Besides computer-related work, I'm also interested in teaching. As such, I offer trainings for Python, PHP, HTML (and CSS) and Javascript. For more information, contact me.

While I am relatively young, I am not a rookie programmer fresh out of college. I am serious and professional at what I do and as such, I expect honest payment for work I deliver. This means that I do not wish to work for relatively low wages because of my age. My skills are demonstrable so we can arrange an agreement for some trial work if you'd like.

Visit the contact page to get in touch with me.